"Where Wealth and Mathematic meet."™ "In Maths We Trust" ™
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"Where Wealth and Mathematic meet."™ "In Maths We Trust" ™

About Us

Quants Wealth Pte. Ltd (12866227) is an fund managed company wholly own subsidiary of  Quants Capital Pte. Ltd (12861562), at register office address at level 3, 207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH, United Kingdom.

Quants Wealth Pte Ltd is form of a group of financial consultants and professional traders with several years and vast experience in Currency Market trading, CFD and the managed accounts market with an intention of helping savers to managed their fund for a better investment return

Quants Wealth Pte Ltd aim to create a long-term close relationship with our investors and partners through a real transparency, a true professionalism, trusts, and sustainable results

About Us

Why Us

  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd practicing FX Global Code for the wholesale FX Market by International Banking Settlement (IBS) code of ethic and in the mid of applying
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd complying Data Protection Act UK 1988 with Reference number ZA796224.
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd practicing The Money Laundering Regulation 2007
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd also in the mid of applying FCA regulation and ASIC regulation compliance
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd offering a quality service, profitable and full transparency.
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd use sophisticated mathematic formula and finance formula to create investor wealth.
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd allow investor to have full control of his or her own investment account.
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd consist of team with experience in a series of financial investment product.
  • Quants Wealth Pte Ltd provide our customer or non-customer information about financial product and legal aspect.
  • Qunats Wealth Pte Ltd use state of art technology MBT to manage more then one broker.

To be a world class retail fund management company.

Mission statement

Being a full transparency, professionalism, comply to all legal aspect, code of ethic and standard fund management company.

Our Service

Quants Wealth Pte Ltd provide fund managed investment for retail customer.

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